- Frequently Asked Questions
Trading Hours:
Monday to Friday:   8.30am to 5.00pm
Saturday:                Closed
Sunday :                 Closed
Public Holidays:       Closed
What if I have an impaired credit history?
We specializes in approving applications based on your current and future financial positions, unlike others who may penalise you for past mistakes *
Is it a lease/Rental?
No it is not a lease or Rental. You own the car immediately
Do we own the car immediately?
Yes ! You are the legal owner of the vehicle from the minute of pickup, not just when the loan is finalized.
How Long does Approval take?
Once we have the documentation we need, we are usually able to give you an answer within 1 working day!

Do I need a Deposit?
We now have a quality range of cars from NO DEPOSIT to $1500 deposit, depending on what car it is you are looking at. We are also able to fit around you with the ability to hold the car for up to 2 weeks, so you can get the rest of the deposit together!

What if I want to Trade my Old Car?
We do look after  trade-ins for you. It is as simple as bringing the car with you when you come to the yard and we'll  give you a great price  which  will come off the deposit!
What about registration?
Your new quality car from Cars on Terms will include 6 months registration that is applied to your car on the DAY that you pick it up, instead of getting the left-overs of whatever is left on there! We also transfer the registration into your name within 14 days of purchase so you own the car, we don't retain possession while you pay it off!! On top of this, pensioners can claim their concession registration through us, so you can get everything you're entitled to with no fuss.

What about Warranty?
All of our cars come with a comprehensive 1000km warranty and if you need more, we can also help with a 12 month unlimited KM warranty (with roadside assist!)

What happens if I miss a payment?
We understand things happen. All we ask is that you keep us informed. We are always here to help.
Will this help me obtaining Credit in the future?
Cars on Terms is Licensed under the National Consumer Credit Code. We are a Credit Reference Provider. So getting finance through us may assist you when applying for credit in the future *